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Fuel Dispenser BT-14

Fuel Dispenser BT-14
Product Overview:

Technical Specification

*Ambient Temperature: -40℃~+55℃
*Humidity: ≤95%
*Max Flow: 60L/min or 80L/min 
*Accuracy: ±0.30%
*Repeating Accuracy: ≤0.15%
*Inlet Vacuum: ≥54kPa
*Outlet Vacuum: ≤0.3MPa
*Power: AC110V±20%, AC220V±20% √, AC380V±20% (50Hz)
*Noise: ≤70dB(A class)
*Unit price range: 0~9999, 0~999999 (changeable)
*Single range:1~9999.99,1~999999.99 (changeable)
*Accumulative range: 0~9999999999.99
*Electronic Calibration.
*Voice and printer (option).
*Fueling times limit function.
*Function of locking pump.
*Stop fueling by integer sale.
*Can set the decimal point for the display, so can be used in many country with different currency rate. 
*Leaves the communication ports, so it can communicate with the gas station management system. 
*Can communicate with the IC card reader.

Order Selection:

BT-B141 (1pump-1nozzle-1display-1keyboard)
BT-B142 (1pump-1nozzle-2 display-1keyboard)

Customers can select different parts inside, such as Tatsuno Series, Bennet Series, Tokheim Series, etc.

External Dimension: 2050×950×425

Setting Dimensions:
1.Match with combination pump single or double nozzle base
2.Match with gear pump single or double nozzle base
3.Match with submersible pump single or double nozzle base

Design Features:
Product Range: