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ZVA-BT200 GR Vapour Recovery Nozzle

ZVA-BT200 GR Vapour Recovery Nozzle
Product Overview:

The GRVP version of the ZVA -BT200 GR vapour recovery nozzle has an integrated proportional valve(GVP). This feature provides an ideal low cost solution to enable retrofitting mechanical or upgrade older type dispenser to Stage II VR.

Features and Benefits:
Ø For all normal gasoline fuels - leaded or unleaded. Not suitable for water and hydrous liquids, alcohols, solvents, viscous oils and diesel fuels.
Ø TRISTOP - Venturi controlled automatic shut-off on request and safety cut-out attitude valve(protection when tilting and falling), 3- speed lever latch with removable latch pin.
Ø Full adjustable control of the vapour volume flow independent of the fuel flow delivery.
Ø ON/OFF function - Secure termination of the vapour line when there is no fuel flow. Important when connecting two or more hoses to a vacuum pump.
Ø Design "GR"- with vapour suction apout, internal vapour channel and COAX hose coupling M34*1.5. Reduced spout DN 16 acc. To ISO9158.
Ø Design "GRVP" - additionally with gas-and proportional valve GVP.

Ø 100% Factory Tested.







Body Aluminum
Spout Aluminum
Vapour Suction Spout Bronze
Springs Galvanised or Stainless Steel
Diaphragm Buna-N, Polyurethane, Viton
Seals Buna-N, Polyurethane, Viton
Inner Parts Brass, Bronze, Acetal Resin/Delrin or Ultrapek
Covers PVC


Technical Specifical
Working Pressure 0.05 - 0.35 Mpa
Max Flow Rate 45 L/m
Temperature =A17
Inlet Thread M34×1.5
Net Weight 1.25 KG


Order Specifications
Item No. Proportional Valve
ZVA-BT200GR Without Proportional Valve
ZVA-BT200 GRVP With Proportional Valve


Color Options
Red, Green, Black


Package Data
Size Weight
1pcs = 44*21.5*9 cm (box) 1.35 kg
10pcs = 0.057 club (carton) 13.8 kg




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