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TDW-7H/7HB Automatic Nozzle

TDW-7H/7HB Automatic Nozzle
Product Overview:

Features and Benefits

Ø Even, Smooth spray pattern - Minimizes diesel foaming and false shut-off
Ø Extra long anchor spring - Keeps the nozzle secure in most large fill opening.
Ø Help reduces spills - A unique two-stage lever design assures a positive shut-off, even if held wide open.
Ø Three Position hold-open device - One finger control of hold-open mechanism means easy setting of flow rate.
Ø Easily replaced spouts -Simply remove three screws, Replacement kits are readily available from TDW.
Ø Dash-pot Action - For smoother closing action and reduced line shock.
Ø Dual Poppet - Easy to open nozzle against high pressure.
Ø Available with flow lock - Designed to shut off automatically when the spout is tipped ip, limiting spillage.
Ø Suitable for diesel, kerosene, gasoline and gasoline with ethanol blends.
Ø 100% Factory Tested.

Body Aluminum
Lever and lever guard Duratuff
Main stem Extra hard stainless steel
Seals Buna-N, Viton

Technical Specifical  
Working Pressure 0.2 Mpa
Auto Shut-off sensibility 0.1 second
Inlet Size 1"
Spout Outlet Diameter 30 mm, 28.7 mm
Flow Rate 20 - 120 L/m
Net Weight 1.55 KG

Order Specifications
Item No. Inlet Thread Spout O.D.
TDW-7H01 1" NPT 28.7 mm
TDW-7H02 1" NPT 30 mm
TDW-7H03 1" BSP 28.7 mm
TDW-7H04 1" BSP 30 mm
TDW-7HB01 1" NPT 28.7 mm
TDW-7HB02 1" NPT 30 mm
TDW-7HB03 1" BSP 28.7 mm
TDW-7HB04 1" BSP 30 mm

Color Options
Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Black

Package Data
Size Gross Weight
1pcs = 43*17*6.5 cm (box) 1.7 kg
20pcs = 0.11 club (carton) 34.3 kg


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