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ZVA DN19 Automatic Nozzle

ZVA DN19 Automatic Nozzle
Product Overview:

ZVA DN 19 automatic nozzle is a fuel-dispensing nozzle with an automatic safety shut off for wet-hose use with electrical operated petrol dispensing pumps. For gasoline, diesel and fuel oil, not suitable for viscous oils and water or solvents.

Ø Working principle - The flow through the nozzle creats a vacuum at the valve seat. Air is drawn in through the sensing port at the tip of the spout, through the safety cut-out, past the diaphragm, and into the fuel.The valve will remain open while the air flows freely . When the fuel reaches the sensing port , suction builds up rapidly until it lifts the diaphragm and trips the automatic action which shuts the valve. The mechanic also trips if the ball of the safety cut-off rolls back to obstruct the free airflow.It will also occur if the spout is pointed upwards or if the nozzle is dropped onto the ground.The valve opens with the flow, allowing smooth low control for"to-the-penny" dispensing.It closes against the flow for a soft shock-less closure.
Ø All type of guards are available if requested.
Ø "ZVA" logo or blank are available
Ø 100% Factory tested.


Body Aluminum
Spout Aluminum
Swivel Aluminum
Seals Buna-N, Viton
Covers PVC


Technical Specifical
Working Pressure 0.2 Mpa
Flow Rate 18-60 L/m
Auto Shut-off sensibility 0.1 second
Spout Internal Diameter 19mm
Intel Thread M34 × 1.5
Net Weight 1.1 KG


Order Specifications
Item No. Swivel Inlet Size
ZVA DN1901 without swivel M34 × 1.5
ZVA DN1902 with swivel Female, BSP, 3/4"
ZVA DN1903 with swivel Female, NPT, 3/4"
ZVA DN1904 with swivel Male, BSP, 3/4"
ZVA DN1905 with swivel Male, NPT, 3/4"
ZVA DN1906 with swivel Female, BSP, 1"
ZVA DN1907 with swivel Female, NPT, 1"
ZVA DN1908 with swivel Male, BSP, 1"
ZVA DN1909 with swivel Male, NPT, 1"

Color Options
Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Black

Package Data
Size Gross Weight
1pcs = 48*17*6.5 cm (box) 1.25 kg
10pcs = 0.057 club (carton) 12.8 kg

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