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Station equipment operation

Date:2013/10/11       Source:Huaxia

Gas station equipment operation, refueling stations start when the flow rate is slower or faster or slower
(1) tanker spill valve pump is not working properly.
(2) tanker pipeline with "" shaped bend, causing the air inside the exhaust pipe height could not form a vapor lock.
(3) foot valve failure will cause the flow rate is too slow or faster or slower.
(4) oil tanker gun filter is clogged or blocked joints.
(5) Parts tanker or pipeline leak causes a lot of air to enter into the pump separator gas is greater than the maximum amount of gas separation, oil separator exhaust pipe would more than exhaust and oil cooler place, as there are a large number of bubbles, velocity anomalies occur.
(6) The oil pump failure.
(7) oil and gas separation gas failure.