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Gas station equipment safety management

Date:2013/10/11       Source:Huaxia

Should see the Device Manager not only related to the safety and gas stations , but also directly with the gas station business and economic closely related to the gas station equipment in good condition if you can not meet the specified requirements , will cause the device to prevent the waste of resources and oil sales work, so that the image of economic efficiency and service stations adversely affected , such as: tanker and diesel generator sets and other devices are not only long-time maintenance, wear and tear of aging without making replacement parts will greatly shorten the life of the equipment , and even affect normal business ; pipelines , valves or no apparent long-term care label does not , it may cause run, run , drip, leak and contaminated accident ; tanker enclosure door is not locked , it may appear on the measurement of the " loophole" and so on.
Stations were operating inflammable and explosive dangerous goods places. Station equipment performance is intact, is working properly , is directly related to the safety and operation of gas stations .
Gas stations and their equipment safe or not is obviously the security situation has a close relationship , such as: gas station lines and explosion -proof control switch, if the pipeline joint seal loose or cracked wire insulation , loose control switch knob in the hot season or oil vapors gather such circumstances , there may be sparks and cause a fire or explosion. tanker motors, diesel generators running sick , it may cause the oil to produce high temperature steam explosion tank breather valve is not blocked , it will cause deflated tank ; tank static grounding failure, or in the case of tanker unloading lightning , static electricity can cause fires ; draw attention even without refueling guns , grease guns and oil also due to the rubber tube metal conductive wire connection bad and could easily cause static electricity during refueling fire. clear from the gas station equipment out of the question either , even if the general mechanical failure, may also cause fires and explosions , causing heavy losses , which looks like a platitude problems often do not get the attention it deserves , but the cause of the accident analysis shows that a large number of : gas station equipment management is not in place , an accident is caused by a major gas station at this point we have alarm bells ringing.


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