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Basic requirements for device management station

Date:2013/10/11       Source:Huaxia

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Station equipment management basic requirements:
Gas station equipment management should do the basic work to start , establish a complete accounting system , the development of scientific management methods , focus on professional and technical training, so that the gas station equipment management to achieve standardization, institutionalization and professionalization .
① station equipment purchase , you should choose the national standard or high-quality products , equipment manufacturing plant to direct purchase , and with the production plant to maintain service contact to ensure the quality of equipment qualified.
② establish station equipment technical file . Various types of equipment should be registered , along with equipment factory certification , manuals and drawings and so on. Various types of equipment are classified according to their performance and role , number of the cards , and operating records and overhaul , repair and maintenance records.
③ implement the " scientific management, proper use , prevention , maintenance and overhaul of both" principles and develop equipment management systems and procedures. Preparation equipment maintenance program.
④ According to the specific circumstances of gas stations , equipped with the necessary testing equipment and maintenance tools , the purchase amount of the main components of the tanker and Spare Parts . The establishment of accounting, registration is equipped with appliances , tools, and the main pieces , parts of the name, size, quantity and price . There are special custody , release of the inventory , the establishment of recipients procedures.
⑤ equipment maintenance personnel through professional and technical training and work practices , improve equipment maintenance skills. In general , the maintenance personnel shall be approved by the relevant departments after passing the examination , certificates.
⑥ maintenance staff in the maintenance work should put safety first , consciously abide by the device management systems and procedures.
Maintenance personnel should be familiar with all kinds of equipment, technical conditions , in accordance with equipment maintenance scheduling and repair method of combining urgently carry out repair and maintenance work . In operation, to concentrate , carefully , to ensure quality, and strive to save , and constantly improve the operability of various types of equipment .
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