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Product Overview:


Body                                      Aluminum

Spout                                    Aluminum

Vapour Suction Spout       Stainless Steel

Springs                                Galvanised or stainless steel

Diaphragm                          Viton

Seal                                      Viton

Inner Parts                          Brass, Stainless Steel, acetal resin /Delrin or Ultrapek.

Covers                                 PVC


New Requirements such as a lighter lever action, cleaner refueling and improved closing for “to the penny dispensing ” involved a completely new nozzle construction – the 2 generation vapour Recovery Nozzle.


Features and Benefits:

Ø  Vapour Recovery nozzle for gasoline, also with ethanol blends.

Ø  Fully integrated vapour control valve GRV (on/off ) or GRVP (Proportional valve) at your choice.

Ø  The proportional valve GRVP are fully integrated and do not need add to nozzle length.

Ø  Improved Shut-off – The new “intelligent valve poppet” minimizes pressure peaks and protects the dispensing system. The

     poppet also provides for an improved shut-off even under demanding operation conditions such as vapourising or foaming


Ø  The easy to fit colored Product Sleeve enables clear fuel grade identification or branding of the nozzle with company colors.

     Also available with Splashguard.




Technical Specifications:

Working Pressure         0.05 to 0.35 Mpa

Max Flow Rate                45L/m

Temperature                   -20° C to 55° C

Inlet Thread                    M 34*1.5














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