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Oil and gas recovery system installation

Date:2013/10/11       Source:Huaxia

1 , gas stations distributed secondary vapor recovery system installation :

①, vacuum pump installation

Should be consistent with "GB50257-96 electrical equipment installation engineering explosion and fire hazard electrical installations for construction and acceptance " requirement.
Vacuum pump and bracket not impede their own internal maintenance disassembly and tankers .
Vacuum pump inlet must have filters, outlet check valve must be installed .

②, two-way coaxial hose connection

③, the installation of the internal brass

Pump intake port of the intake brass lowest position.
Brass arrangement is without prejudice to other devices installed inside the tanker and self- disassembly.
Perforations in the casing must be regulated tanker is , the right size , and be sealed well.
Connected by brass ferrule fittings, brass most one each turn .

④, electronic components ( pump control panel ) installation and wiring

The control board power supply from the tanker itself .
Control unit should not prevent the tanker 's position and their own internal maintenance repairs .
Electronics installation, drilling should do sealed , resulting in iron should be cleaned .
All signal lines and power lines passing through the tanker must have bulkhead sealing measures , all wires should be neatly , banding , and make a mark .

2 , gas stations, centralized secondary vapor recovery system installation :

Meet the requirements of the security zone in the installed pump.
From the power distribution between the laying of 5 × 2.0 mm2 power cable to the control box ( three FireWire, a zero line, and a ground wire ) .
From the control box laying 5 × 2.0 mm2 power line to the vacuum pump ( three FireWire, a zero line, and a ground wire ) .
From the control box to the pump or submersible pump power cord specifications please refer to the pump power requirements laid .
From the control box laying 4 × 0.75 mm2 shielded cable to the tank pressure switch ( optional ) .
All buried power lines and signal lines must DN25 galvanized steel were used for the protective casing .


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