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Refueling equipment maintenance

Date:2013/10/11       Source:Huaxia

Refueling equipment maintenance
1, tank: shall be steel tanks, the tank should be welded bracket; capacity is generally 15 - 50m3; buried tank corrosion should be done.
2, manholes: repair, tank cleaning, calibration and other import and export operations, can not be buried, bolting.
3, the tanker shift and shift operations inspection; inspection methods: listening, tanker operation sound is normal; see, the tanker shell, machine parts connections for leaks, deformation, the display is normal; Wen, without odor. routine maintenance. Oil workers at shift change, refueling is idle, on the tanker shell wipe, so clean and free of dust, no dirt; tanker door always open, erase the dirt inside the machine; pump bearings, counter bearings, transmission parts oiling; belt is loose, the wiring is loose.
4, two-door bottom valve: in the suction tube into the oil at, the bottom valve opens when refueling the oil; stopped when oil pressure, gravity off.